Universal Plate Topper

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Plates are great to eat from, but they are dreadful for storing leftovers! Now, you can change all that with the practical PLATE TOPPER which provides an airtight food storage system right on your plate! Your food stays fresh and you no longer have to fuss with plastic wrap and a bunch of containers!

The lid works like a suction cup against the plate and transforms your ordinary plate into an airtight container to keep your food fresh. No more messing around with plastic wrap, and you can throw away your boring old containers! Plate Topper has a flat upper side, so you can stack other plates on top without squashing your food!

Plate Topper Smart Food Storage is the best! Say goodbye to plastic wrap and warped containers!


  • Creates Airtight Seal, BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe Top Rack Only
  • Internal Measurements 2” H x 7.5”D base 6.5”D top conditions