3D Cartoon Fridge Magnets

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3D Cartoon Fridge Magnets By Linder

Sure there are games that let you create your own Super Mario levels, but what if you want to create them in the real world? Well, now you can. Just use your refrigerator. These 3D Mario Fridge Magnets let you build your own Super Mario levels on anything with a metal surface.

You can use the pieces to make your own unique levels. This is going to be a lot of fun, mixing and matching pieces to create the ultimate adventure for the little plumber. You can use these on your refrigerator, cabinets, lockers and your whiteboard. Perfect for the geek occupied office or home, or for kids.

The magnets are made of durable construction with strong magnetism and have a scratch safe backing. They won’t stick to stainless steel. Now you can have the Mushroom Kingdom in your own kingdom and you control the adventure. They come in different sets.

Product Specifications:

Material: Naphthalene-free vinyl
Sticker Type: Magnetic sticker
Sheet Size: Small (2-4cm each piece)
Age: > 6 years old


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